Market Leading Cloud Based System

Beyond eliminating the manual, time consuming and error prone complexity of planning and forecasting in Excel


Plans can be produced with a team-based, collaborative approach that incorporates workflow-controlled tasks and processes

All Aspects

Plans can incorporate all aspects of your organization including finance, revenue, operations, personnel, capital and more


Extensive assumptions and variables can be built into your plans to support powerful and easy ‘what-if’ modeling


Transform your budgeting cycle from end-to-end with a single source of truth. Enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time and improving transparency


Establish performance metrics and set the standard for your budget. Track an unlimited number of budget and non-budget performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure financial and non-financial goals.


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Budgeting and Planning

Improve collaboration, efficiency

Take control of your budget to make the most informed decisions.