Client Spotlight: IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers

By Boyd Goodner

Robust IT infrastructure is crucial in the field of fertility healthcare, a reality that IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers, a renowned fertility clinic network, understands all too well. With a sprawling network of clinics and a legacy of dedicated service spanning decades, IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers specializes in a range of fertility treatments and procedures, aiding thousands of families. Despite this success in patient care, they encountered IT challenges, leading to a critical need for an IT overhaul to match their high standard of clinical services.

Clinical Background for IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers

IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers boasts over 20 years of history in fertility healthcare, aiding more than 64,000 families. Their facilities across key locations, including Bloomfield Hills and Toledo, Ohio, offer a range of treatments from IVF-ICSI to advanced PGT screening. However, despite their healthcare success, IVFM faced IT infrastructure challenges. Lacking IT expertise, their executives heavily depended on their former Managed Services Provider, MSP, leading to miscommunications and a backlog of unresolved support tickets.

Diagnosis: Identifying IT Ailments

As SAM, Inc. expanded, so did the complexities of managing its operations. With 18 different companies under its umbrella, each requiring a separate database for financial management and reporting, the To help address these issues, the executives appointed CTO Michael Steffen to take charge and steer their IT operations back on track. However, Michael soon found himself overwhelmed by day-to-day IT demands, diverting his attention from higher-level tasks like cybersecurity and strategic planning. Recognizing the need for specialized assistance, he brought Vertilocity on board to resolve the issues and free him up to concentrate on critical areas including cybersecurity and organizational expansion.

Prescription for Recovery: Vertilocity’s Strategic IT Revamp

Vertilocity’s team began by addressing the immediate needs of IVF of Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers. Vertilocity’s project team initiated an extensive cleanup, tackling not only any immediate cybersecurity threats but also rectifying the root causes of these vulnerabilities.

The initial phase included a thorough assessment of IVF of Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ environment. The Vertilocity team methodically cleaned the system and ensured there was no potential for cyber-attacks. This approach involved upgrading antivirus software, implementing robust cybersecurity measures, and taking over the management of IT operations.

Restoring Vital Signs: Enhanced Network Reliability

One of the most significant improvements Vertilocity made was in network reliability, particularly regarding VPN connections. Prior to Vertilocity’s intervention, daily VPN disconnections were a source of frustration for IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ staff. The team reconfigured and optimized the VPN settings, resulting in a drastic reduction in disconnections and enhancing efficiency and reliability across all locations.

On-Site Care: Addressing Day-to-Day IT Needs

With over 536 tickets generated in less than a year, it was evident that IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ IT needs were extensive. Michael, wearing multiple hats from IT director to HIPAA compliance officer, struggled to manage the influx of issues. Vertilocity observed that initially, IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers generated around 10 to 20 tickets per week, a load managed solely by Michael. To provide relief and efficiency, Vertilocity proposed on-site support. The introduction of Zohair, Vertilocity’s support engineer, brought immediate relief to Michael by efficiently managing day-to-day IT challenges and reducing the backlog of tickets.

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation: Ensuring Clarity and Continuity
Vertilocity safeguarded again future miscommunications between IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers and Vertilocity by implementing a robust system of documentation. Every IT procedure, change, and resolution were meticulously recorded, bringing transparency and establishing a reliable reference for all IT-related activities. The integration of a seamless ticketing system with IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ email domain streamlined issue resolution and ensured consistent support. Michael, whose background includes working in military manufacturers and medical device manufacturers sectors where everything is documented, found Vertilocity’s thorough documentation approach to be a significant selling point.

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance: Safeguarding Patient Data and Security
Adhering to HIPAA compliance is crucial in fertility healthcare. Vertilocity worked to reinforce the integrity and confidentiality of patient data to meet HIPAA regulations. The team introduced sophisticated cybersecurity measures tailored to IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ needs, including Sentinel One for antivirus protection. They also upgraded IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers to their ATP 3.0 Bundle for browser security, which includes Barracuda for spam, phishing, email impersonation protection, and offers backup and recovery options for the Office 365 suite.

Expanding Care: Integrating New Locations
As IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers expanded with three new offices, Vertilocity ensured these additions were smoothly integrated into their existing network. Vertilocity’s involvement included installing essential equipment like laptops and printers, providing on-site support for smooth setup and transition, and enhancing the functionality of these locations.

Long-Term Health: Sustainable IT Solutions
The transformation IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers experienced under Vertilocity’s guidance was not just about the immediate fixes. It was about establishing sustainable, long-term IT health. By reducing their backlog of IT tickets dramatically and introducing efficient, scalable solutions, Vertilocity set I IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers on a path to continued growth and success in their specialized field.

As Chris Jeanguenat, Net Administrator for Vertilocity’s Babbage team that handles healthcare clients shared, “Now that Vertilocity has taken over the daily IT ticket management, Michael can concentrate more on project work, especially in areas like cybersecurity. It’s evident in our weekly meetings how this shift has eased his workload; he’s much more relieved and focused. He frequently expresses his gratitude, telling us how our involvement has lifted a weight off his shoulders. Hearing such positive feedback really reinforces the value of our work.”

“Since Vertilocity came on board, it’s been a night and day experience from other providers I’ve seen in the past. Their response time is outstanding and there’s no comparison to my last service provider. I know that I’m a client, but I never feel like I’m being spoken down to in any sort of way. I feel like I’m an equal. It’s a true partnership. I never feel like anything I’m saying is not taken seriously. It’s their attention to detail and the very professional attitude that’s one of the great joys of working with them,” said IVF

Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ CTO Michael Steffen.

IVF Michigan & Ohio Fertility Centers’ journey with Vertilocity has been a testament to the power of strategic IT management. From addressing critical vulnerabilities to streamlining operations and enhancing network reliability, our partnership has been about turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. For more information on which MSP solution works best for your organization, contact us at View the case study here.