Cloud Storage Meets Security!

Two hot topics equal one great business tool with many benefits!

There are two hot topics in the world of technology that greatly impact today’s business model – Cloud Storage and Security.

It’s no doubt that cloud storage is becoming overwhelmingly popular. Microsoft recently blogged, “… recent studies find that more than half of all enterprises consider the cloud an essential component of success—and they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Those same companies dedicate a whopping 50 percent or more of their IT budgets to the cloud. While there are many different types of cloud computing options out there, collaboration applications that provide online file storage is one of the most popular, helping to streamline the transfer of files, messages, data, attachments, notes, etc. from worker to worker, team to team.”

But, we all know that when it comes to technology, there is always risk involved. Luckily for our customers, we understand the fears associated with cloud solutions and vow to make sure your data is safe! We realize that in the past, security concerns hindered many businesses from enjoying the many benefits of the cloud and data storage. But, as the cloud continues to grow and mature, more and more businesses are realizing that they can leave their worries behind. With features like file encryption and Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities it is now possible to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information. There is also cloud storage security that meets global and industry-specific compliance standards like HIPAA and more!


With open communication, online work spaces, and trusted, easy-to-use enterprise cloud security—the benefits of cloud computing and online file sharing are undeniable!

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