Productivity Features in October 2019 Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP


As part of the Modern Lifecycle, you can look forward to yearly system enhancement to Dynamics GP. Vertilocity is looking forward to helping our customer’s benefit from the October 2019 release.

The Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog does a great job of detailing the latest enhancements with their Feature of the Day Series. 

Show Check Number in Apply Sales Document Window

In the Apply Sales Document window, you can now see the check or card number that was entered on the payment at the time of entry.

Show user who posted for Journal Entry Inquiry

The Journal Entry Inquiry window now has a new field that shows the user who posted the entry. The User Who Posted field shows for both open entries and historical entries.

Long description for Payables Entries

There is a new option in Payables Setup for very long descriptions up to 200 characters. The long description displays on the following pages: Transaction Entry,Payables Transaction Entry Zoom, PM Transaction Inquiry

Document Attach in Bank Reconciliation

You can now attach documents in the following windows: Bank Deposit Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Bank Deposit Entry Zoom, Bank Transaction Entry Zoom

Expand View of Fiscal Periods

The window display length of the fiscal periods window is extended to give you an expanded view of the fiscal periods.

Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch

In Edit Payment Batch window, there is displayed a visual cue to identify vendors that are set up to receive EFT payments.


Vertilocity wants to ensure you are maximizing the value of your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, and arm you with the tools you need to meet your key business objectives.