Email Can Be Part of Your Cyber Threat Protection?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Email Security

When looking to increase your cyber security protection, the most consistent message you hear is – your email is the easiest way for criminals to attack your system.  So, how can email bring protection, when it is such a gateway? The simple answer is move your email to a cloud service.

By converting to cloud email provider, you can gain protections as:

  • Physical security – your data is stored in a datacenters that are built from the ground to protect from harm by natural disasters, environmental threats, of unauthorized access.
  • Economies of scale – cloud email providers have invested billions of dollars in their services, the scale and global nature of their footprints allows them to use strategies for defending attacks that can’t be matched.
  • Data encryption – cloud providers uses multiple encryption technologies for communications between datacenters and servers.
  • Regular backups – cloud solutions offer automatic synchronization and backup, saved files are updated to the latest version on the cloud. 

A cloud-based solution for email is only as good as its data privacy and service provider transparency. You need to feel confident in where the data resides, who has access, and what’s being done with your broader company information. That is why we recommend to our customers that they choose Office 365 when they considering a cloud-based solution. Office 365 offers unmatched security and privacy features.

  • Microsoft doesn’t mine your data, (unlike other hosted email providers), which can potentially leak sensitive company information, and they don’t share it with third parties.
  • Hard passwords and multi-factor authentication –  Office 365 requires users create strong passwords to make sure a simple brute force attack doesn’t lead to a security breach.
  • Exchange Online Protection (EOP) helps to ensure that malicious code or activities are stopped at multiple check points before reaching the email infrastructure, reducing the probability of infection.
  • Safety tips, Office 365 Outlook automatically checks the sender and adds a safety tip to the top of the email. The safety tip—a color-coded message—will warn you about potentially harmful messages. 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can manage access to Office 365 data across a range of any phone or tablet, including iOS or Android, by setting up policies. Block access that fails to meet security and encryption standards in order to prevent
    unauthorized access.

Additionally, Office 365 gives you the option to use Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to guard mailboxes against sophisticated attacks in real time.

Email is the lifeblood for any organization, but securing it doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking


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