How Firewalls Protect Your Business

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month Champion, we don’t want to only bring awareness of cyber threats. As a managed IT provider, we feel it is imperative to bring awareness to the best way to combat these threats through a layered security approach provides better protection for your organization. 


For companies to grow, you need continued agility and efficiency as you scale your operation. And that will only be possible if your systems are secure yet accessible to your employees – anytime, anywhere. 

Unfortunately, as technology has continued to evolve, the IT needed has become more complicated. Applications have moved into the cloud, users want to use their own devices, and files are shared browser based tools. At the same time, the threat landscape continues to evolve with new attack avenues and techniques.

Because this continued security evolution, traditional firewalls can’t provide effective protection. They look at your traffic from an external view instead of internally.

The solution to solving this weakness is to upgrade to a next generation firewall (NGFW), which has the capability to interpret traffic, enabling visibility and control into applications, users, and policies for your network.


Are Your Practicing Security Fundamentals?