Private Cloud Services

A cloud solution that delivers scalability and self-service, but through private and dedicated architecture.


How It Works

Our private cloud is dedicated to a single organization, unlike a commercial services that provide services to multiple businesses.


Meet the most demanding security and compliance needs with a scalable, fully redundant cloud designed to help you mitigate risk and meet the strictest of compliance mandates, including HIPAA

Managed Services

Dedicated on-premises cloud resources coupled with managed services for monitoring, patching, and application support. 


Trust that your data is always available with fully redundant enterprise class data center facilities and a 100% SLA

Don’t Go At It Alone

Cloud migration issues like unexpected costs, interoperability, and security gaps can create significant obstacles. To help smooth a frequently bumpy path, organizations should work with a partner who can accelerate your cloud migration initiatives with skilled expertise.

Vertilocity can help you drive migrations through project management, technical consulting and execution, backed by our industry skills and experience. 

Learn how Vertilocity can show you the cost savings you can realize by migrating your workloads to the cloud.

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