Understanding the Limitations of QuickBooks

Is QuickBooks supporting your business right now, or are there some frustrations? ​

QuickBooks may have challenges meeting more advanced needs of growing organizations, due to limitations in areas like reporting, productivity, accounting, and security. When your business is growing, it may be losing its ability to be a dependable financial management tool.

Do you wish you could do in QuickBooks that you can’t do now? ​We have compiled some of the most of our most seen issues when our customers decide that QuickBooks is not meeting their needs.

  • How is your transaction volume and do you have issues with the speed of processing transactions, security and reporting?
  • How many different levels of permissions can you ​give users? Do you have a need to set you set fine-grained permissions beyond the different types of users?
  • How do you ensure you have audit trails for voided transactions? Do you feel confident with an audit trail that is transactional only, and does not record login/logoff or changes to master records?
  • How do you quickly determine who owes you money, and who you owe money to?
  • How does your system handle multiple users accessing the system at the same time? Did you know that your database is a single file that continues to grow over time and the larger the ​files become, the slower the application gets ​for the users? ​
  • What is your process for consolidating financial statements across different entities? Do you have to manually collect your data files from each location, so that your accountant can create journal entries, and then send them back to you?

A Better Solution

For the same monthly price, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides far more functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs QuickBooks

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud.  It not only includes accounting and financial management capabilities, but also sales and service, project management, supply chain, inventory and operations management.

What makes Dynamics 365 Business Central unique is that it harnesses the power of One Microsoft. It brings together the two worlds of business process and personal productivity.  You will use familiar tools like Excel and Word within the context of business processes, significantly increasing productivity and decreasing having to switch.

Begin your organization’s migration journey, whether that’s simply starting a discussion or mapping out the technical requirements.