Customer Satisfaction Results for Q4

By Bruce Nelson

As I wrap up Q4 2020 and we work on our 2021 plans, I always take some time to review our customer’s feedback.   

Every time a support ticket is closed, we invite our customers to complete a survey on their experience. We want to know if we are getting it right (or wrong).

Once again, I am extremely proud of my team and the level of service they continue to provide – in what can only be described as unprecedented times. 

Through Q4 of 2020 we received 1010 completed survey responses.  The survey consists of six questions focused on timeliness, skills and professionalism.  For Q4 2020 the average survey score was 4.91 out of 5 or a 98% satisfaction rate.  What a great job by our team, handling calls and keeping our clients productive as we shifted from the office to work from home and back to the office. 

In addition to completing the survey our clients often take the time to provide additional written feedback.  Here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Greg was very knowledgeable, professional and fixed my printer issue. Thank you Greg!!- Law firm
  • Daniel and Anthony tag teamed on this one and neither let me down.  thank you- Long term care organization
  • Daniel -Not only fixed the issue, but explained why it was happening and how to avoid it happening in the future. Thanks!!- Family and Social Services
  • Annie is a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!- Staffing
  • Catie is always amazing and can figure out my issues, we are thankful for such great support!- Family Medicine

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