You don’t need replace Dynamics GP to get a Cloud Solution…

…you just need the right partner.

By Bruce Nelson

Let’s get this straight, if you are using Dynamics GP and think you need to change systems to get a “Cloud Solution” you aren’t getting the right information. Dynamics GP is a robust, mature platform with a huge user base. Microsoft has invested heavily in the solution which includes advanced reporting options with Excel, Power BI and other tools. Additionally, the web client functionality makes Dynamics GP a mobile first, cloud offering if that’s what you are looking for.

small_cloud_services_blueSo, why do people think they need a new system to get a Cloud solution? The main problem I see involves partners that simply haven’t been able to keep up with the technology. They are operating under the old models and providing clients with misinformation. Believe me, we’ve evaluated other Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. They look great in a demo but when you dig deep into functionality they just can’t match Dynamics GP. For one, they are typically an all or non-scenario where every user is using the web client. In many cases this isn’t a great fit. Users have different needs. With Dynamics GP you have various deployment options available based on the user’s role in the organization. We know this because we see this in our own environment. I personally love the Dynamics GP web client. I’m mobile. I want to connect quickly look up information, maybe enter or edit a few transactions and move on. For others in our company having the desktop version to enter a high volume of transitions during work hours is a better fit.

The bottom line is

Don’t let the wrong information mislead you to the wrong system.