A Taste of What’s to Come: Dynamics 365 Financials

By Bruce Nelson

Have you heard? Microsoft is gearing up to release its newest offering called Dynamics 365! The name gives it away, but this new offering will be sold and deployed through the Office365/Azure platform. The first release isn’t scheduled until later this year, but, as a Microsoft Gold Partner we have had access to the Small and Mid-sized Business Edition for few months now. This bundle is geared towards organizations with up to about 100 seats. If this sounds like a fit for you, keep reading, it gets better! The initial offering will be coming this 4th quarter and will focus on financials. Then, additional CRM (Sales and Marketing) functionality will be coming in 2017.

Because we have had the opportunity to preview and work with the solution for several months now, I am especially excited about the opportunity and what it can do for our customers.

The following are some of the highlights as we know them:

  • This is a true Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. It is subscription based and only available through Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) like Vertilocity
  • From our standpoint this fills a significant gap in the market by providing robust financial management function in a SaaS model with the backing of experience partners like us. (So long Quickbooks!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Built and deployed via Microsoft Azure, this solution provides significant advantage by integrating Office365, Power BI and other Office365 functionality
The following are a couple screen shots to give you a taste of what the solution looks like.

Business Manager Home Page

 Vertilocity Dynamics 365home-page

Sales – Customer Screen

 Verticasl Solutions Dynamics 365 customer-search

Sales – Customer Top 10 Preview

Vertilocity Dynamics 365 top-10-preview

This will be an exciting offer for organizations looking to move away from Quickbooks, Sage or any other on premise solution!

Stay tuned for more details as the release date get closer…