Run your business more effectively: Tip#10

Cut IT spending!

Vertilocity Cloud_services_BlueThe final tip on boosting your efficiency is to lower IT expenses. There is no better way to do this than by adopting cloud technology! By doing this, you can reduce or eliminate the costs of purchasing, managing, and maintaining servers and other expensive hardware. Did you know.. the average number of servers to server administrators in a typical data center is 50 servers to 1 administrator?

The average ratio in cloud-based data centers is 500:1.

That is a pretty big difference! Many small businesses are choosing to migrate to cloud-based productivity solutions as they replace aging PCs with newer tablets and other mobile devices. Not to mention, by switching to the cloud-based services subscription model, you can forgo software licenses and many upfront costs, and purchase only the services you need. Because who wants to pay for what they don’t use?

Microsoft announced, in a recent survey conducted by Spiceworks, one of the top benefits IT pros reported about moving to the cloud was cost savings. On average, respondents reported saving approximately 20 percent!!

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