Tech Talk Q&A: Dynamics 365 for Financials

An interview with Bruce Nelson, Vertilocity’ president

What it Dynamics 365 for Financials?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a complete business and financial management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamics 365 for Financials makes ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting easier—starting on day one.

How is it different from Dynamics GP, Nav, Mas 90 or other mid market solutions?

Businessman scrolling on his digital tablet against painted blue wooden planksWe’ve been working with Dynamics 365 since it was made available to partners in April of 2016. While I would say there is certainly some overlap, Dynamics 365 for Financials is a true Software as a Service. It is entirely hosted in Microsoft’s data centers and fully integrated with other Office365 solutions like Power BI, Cortana Search and the Office suite. It’s easy to deploy and manage through various browsers and devices. Solutions like Dynamics GP offer a more robust feature set, deployment options, and industry specific solutions than Dynamics 365 for Financials. I’ll give you an example. When we deployed the full version, which was made available November 1st, I had the system provisioned in under 15 minutes. I also added the extension for Outlook and downloaded the mobile app on my iphone. Now I’m using the demo data set so I did not need to integrate customer, vendors, items, etc, but within an hour or so I could create invoices in Outlook, enter a vendor invoice from my phone, etc. Really powerful stuff.

So where do you see this fitting in the current market place?

At this point, with the current functionality I see this replacing Quickbooks, Mas90, Peachtree and other small business solutions that are built on old technology and lack the integration and functionality required to manage small business in today’s environment.

Is there a trial version available?

Absolutely. Like other Office 365 solutions Dynamics 365 for Financials let’s companies deploy a fully functional version for a 30 Day trail. In addition to this Vertilocity can provide some light training to get you started in your evaluation.

So what is the next step if I want to give it a try?

If you want to see the solution or give it a try yourself, you should contact Tina Featheringham at Tina can work with your team to provision the environment and coordinate our Getting to Know Dynamics 365 for Financials Training. After that you’ll be up and running.