Video Friday: Crazy Mountain Brewery Shares Their Microsoft Story


This Colorado Brewery Achieves Quality & Consistency with Microsoft Solutions

Since we have an office in Colorado, this story is “close to home”. This Denver brewery uses Microsoft products to collaborate and get better insight to their data. No matter what line of business you are in, having the ability to analyze data and collaborate with employees is vital. This is especially crucial when you have several office locations and/or on the go or work at home employees. As a fellow small business, and Microsoft partner and user, we do not just recommend these solutions on a whim or to make a dollar… Vertilocity uses Microsoft solutions and has proven success with these very same tools. We know how to implement these products as well as how to make them work best for your business through our own experiences and our customers’.

It’s so interesting to see how Kevin and Marisa Selvy, founders of Crazy Mountain Brewery and their staff use Microsoft Cloud, Skype and Office 365 to analyze their business data and collaborate in real time. Take a look for yourself and hear their Microsoft story.