Video Friday: Experience Your Data with Power BI

Data – what a loaded word. Four letters, packed with our entire business’ information.. what could be more powerful than that? Well, actually, how you interpret it and what you can do with it is all of the power in that little word. But, just having the data doesn’t give you that extraordinary capability. That comes from business intelligence. There is a word with many more letters, and maybe not the clearest meaning.. but, it’s simple. At some point, that Excel spreadsheet isn’t enough. Our consultant, Samantha Boden wrote a blog recently on her website about Power BI and raised a very intriguing question, “what do you do with the information that you have at your fingertips when that monthly report is not enough?”

Well, that’s when you resort to Power BI and turn that report and that data into something you can USE. You experience your data as this video suggests and you are able to turn it into actionable insight. Information you can work with. And to boot, in a very clean, user friendly dashboard where you can access any information, turn it into shareable reports and much more!

Power BI is much more than a top tech trend for the latest IT blog article, it’s on its way to being everything.. for every decision you make for your business. Choose wisely, and make your first action, to implement this amazing cloud based power tool.